Monday, July 7, 2008

Families Are Forever

Man it has been a long time since I posted. I remember a month or so ago Keith Runyon writing in his blog and saying " If you got a blog then you better be posting, because people want to know what's going on." So I better be posting some stuff.

I love the summer and I love going to the mountains. So this week was a real treat. I finally sneaked away from work on Thursday and took Hayley and Amy with me up to Grandma's in Cedar City. Kelli had to stay home and wait for Mady to get home from Girl's Camp.
I golfed on Friday morning with my dad and it is really bad when he notices cobwebs on my golf bag. I don't think Keith has cobwebs on his golf bag.
We then went up on Cedar Mountain to Kelli's parent's cabin. It is so nice up there and the phones don't work!
On Saturday we had a dutch oven cook out at my little brother Mark's cabin. If you have never had dutch oven cooking you are missing out.
My other two brothers, Rik and Greg and their families came up on the mountain along with my mom and dad.
Now let the stories begin.
Me and my brothers started laughing because I told them that I had ask my Sunday School class last Sunday what the worst thing they had ever done. The answers were pathetic. I asked "Has anybody caught anything on fire?" "Has anyone broke a window or two?" "Has anyone shot your little brother over the hedge?" No, no, no was the answers. Pathetic!
Me and my three brothers ( pictured above ) each picked a "worse thing you ever did" moment and I thought my mother would pass out and she lived through the actual events.
In no particular order there were guns being fired into phone books to see how far they would go into the pages, there was a 100 ' long gun powder trail that ended in a big gulp sized pile that shot flames 10' high. Who could ever forget the jeep rolling out of the driveway and across the street through the neighbors lawn and into their bushes and lastly what kid would take a hammer to the cinder block wall in the backyard and pop holes into the empty cells in the wall, like 30-40 of them just to hear the cool noise it made. Now those are some stories worth telling.
It was a blast with my brothers, it is amazing how fast time goes by and how infrequently families get together.
I am going to try and do better at getting us all together. My mother was in heaven and the grand kids love the stories.
Be the one who calls your family and be the one who puts silly differences aside to get people together. Families are too important to not spend time together.
If my brothers read this they will tease the crap out of me for going "mushy", but so be it.
Families Are Forever!!!


Keith A. Runyon said...

Yeah, it was mushy but that's cool. Guys can get mushy after they turn 40... Cobwebs? in your golf bag? tell me you are kidding?

Mooch said...

I'm not. How sad is that


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