Sunday, April 27, 2008

On any Sunday

Went to church today with Mady and Bug, Kelli stayed home with a bad ear ache. She gets these every spring, it has to do something with allergies. So I got us there and in our normal spot, isn't that weird how everyone kind of finds their place. It's like a territorial thing. They fall into groups of people that kind of go as follows:

" Reserved Seaters" - They have to sit in the same seat each week, give-or-take a few feet
"Zoners"- They have to sit in the same general vicinity 
"Filler Inners"- Usually come close to starting time and will sit anywhere
Tell me you don't know what I'm talking about? It's in every ward in every building in the Church. Tyler emailed one week from Australia and was laughing how it was the same there. So what group do me and my family fall in? For those of you who are in our ward you know we are "Reserved Seaters", heck if we come late and people are in our seats I'll go home.
Anybody else out there having the same joy I am having raising a 16 year old daughter?
Here's a good one. OK she has her learner's permit to drive, but she won't ever drive. So we are driving the other day and I say " Amy you need to practice driving." and she says she doesn't want to. So I decide I'm going to be " Super Dad" and she's going to drive. I pull over to the side of the road and stop the car. Amy says "What are you doing?" and I tell her she's going to drive and I get out and go around to the passenger side and get there just in time to hear her lock the door. I sternly look at her and say "Amy, you're driving." She shakes her head no and tells me she doesn't want to. OK then Miss Stubborn we will sit right here. I turn around and walk to the curb and sit down with my hands in  my lap and look up as my truck drives away. Not just the "ha ha I'm just scooting up a little and stopping" and not the " as you get closer I will move forward" no, she drove off in my truck. I walked half way home before she finally felt bad enough to come and get her dad. So we had quite the laugh on the way home and chalk up another one for the " you can not make Amy do anything she doesn't want to do" catagory. Man I love her. By the way that's a picture of when her and I flew on a private jet to Santa Fe.
Talk to you soon


steve said...


love the blog brother. Very funny story. Hope I don't have any girls.

Steve Dixon


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