Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tyler's Home!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! I don't know about other families that have had sons on missions, but that seemed like those two years went by pretty fast. I thought it was going to be like watching a pot boil.

Never-the-less he's home and our family could not be happier. we missed him immensely.
We were so close to not being able to go to Australia and get him, in fact two days before we were supposed  to leave I just about pulled the plug. Work was very pressing and things were just not falling into place. I was really struggling with being gone, but we decided to go and just let the chips fall where they may.
We could not have made a better decision.
We were excited to go, but the excitement was based more on going to Australia and getting Tyler. What we failed to realize was that we were going to arrive and be dropped right in the middle of an active mission. It was a life changing experience for me and Kelli.
We were picked up on Sunday by two neatly dressed Missionaries and the Mission President's wife. We bore our testimonies in a ward that Tyler had  served in and we had dinner that night at the mission home. The Mission Presidents family could not have been nicer and had so many great things to say about Tyler, beings that he had  served in the office while he was sick.
We met an American lady who was investigating the Church and while we were there and through our friendship, she made the decision to get baptized. How cool was that?
We finally get to see Tyler and we get to participate in the mission dinner that they have when missionaries our going home. It was so special to be there and to hear their testimonies. When Tyler bore his testimony I have never been more proud as a parent. He had grown up so much. It was awesome!
The remaining days were spent visiting the homes of the families that Tyler has spent time in. Some were homes where Tyler had baptized members and others were homes where members had hosted Tyler and his companions. That too was a very special time and listening to the stories and love that they had for Tyler was incredible.
The whole trip was more than Kelli or I could have ever imagined. It was humbling to see and feel the effects of the Holy Ghost and to see it in action. We were overcome with the love that we felt from people we had just met and for the incredible work that those missionaries put into what they are doing.
It was so exciting to travel with Tyler on the way home and to feel the anticipation building for the time that he would meet his sisters.
 It was a fabulous feeling to have our family all back together and see the girls with their brother.
I can't wait for the coming days as we all get re-acquainted and listen to Tyler's many stories.
Ok, one funny story from Australia.
Tyler told us his entire mission about the "birds". Now Tyler is deathly afraid of birds and he has told us about these black and white birds there that actually attack you. These birds are called "magpies". Tyler is such a "fraidy cat" that we never gave to much credence to his fabulous stories. Until.......
My first day in Australia my body clock was all whacked out so I was up before the sun and decided to go for a walk to see the sights and to watch the sun rise. All was well until it started to get light and then the birds started to make such a racket. At first it was kind of neat, there were birds in all the trees and there were so many colors I couldn't believe it, but then it got so loud it started to freak me out a little. So I turned to head back and I noticed at the base of this tree that was right by the sidewalk these black and white birds (the dreaded magpies). Now I am assuming that as I approach they will fly. That is what birds do right ? Not these birds, as I got to them they just kind of milled around my feet and begin to squawk. I think this was the signal to attack, because from the limbs above swooped the birds and then once I started screaming, up flew the birds that were around my feet. I take off running while waiving my arms above my head. This is hard to do, but made much more difficult with yours eyes closed, I did not want my eyes pecked out. I ran right into another tree! I hobble back to the hotel, up to my floor and into my room. Kelli says "Where did you go and why are you all dirty?"
"Bbbirds!" I mutter. I have more respect for Tyler and an apology or two. Those birds are crazy and there everywhere.
I'm just glad he's home and he's safe from the birds


Kelli said...

The birds!! Oh those crazy birds!! Actually they didn't bother me at all, in fact I was quite taken with all the beautiful, colorful birds in Australia. Our birds........not quite so beautiful.


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