Sunday, July 13, 2008


There is not a man alive who does not live for those ever-so-rare moments when you remove an item from that never shrinking "Honey Do List". Let alone when you have the opportunity to remove numerous large items.

Kelli and I passed each other last Sunday when she came up on to Cedar Mountain with Madysen just as Amy and I were headed down the hill back to Vegas. 
We kissed each other, slapped a "high five", exchanged some parenting notes and parted ways for the week.
 At that moment the plan begin to take shape in my mind. If she was going to be gone for a week, I ought to dive into some things on my list. I did not plan on diving so deep.
Every since I did the metal door for Keith and Janae, Kelli has wanted one of my doors for her very own. The problem with that is when you are trying to work stuff in for yourself at work, the paying customers tend to take precedence. So her door has kind of set for a while, well a long while.
The door was almost complete so I pushed the guys into finishing it and planned on having it in before Kelli got home on Sunday.
Well the first extra item that I tried to tackle was the overgrown hedge next to the front entry. It had to go. After I tore them out I decided to carve a little stone to add some flare to the entry. Well that turned into a lot of carved stone. I couldn't find a good place to stop. Then I need to add lights, but I had no power to the pilaster, so I took on that task. Then she always wanted the marble on the floor in the house to come through the front door out to the entry, but if I added new tile then I would have to strip and re-seal the existing tile to match the new tile. Needless to say by Wednesday I had everyone who worked for me and a few others at my house. More than 12 guys were there. 
A little advice to you new husbands with your new cute "Honey Do" list. It is better to not start something than to start it and not have it finished in time. There is nothing a wife hates worse than a whole bunch of half finished projects scattered round the home. Trust me, I know.
So back to my projects.
Kelli was coming home on Saturday night and let's just say it looked like a "Chinese Fire Drill" at 6:00pm. We had guys on guys, people in wet paint, the landscaper trying to mow the grass in the courtyard without getting it in the paint. Trying to clean up the mess. It was not looking good to be finished. A reprieve!  I get a call from Kelli at 6:30 and she says that they ran into a delay coming down the mountain due to a wreck and they were running late. There is a God! With the extra time we really gave the place a "spit shine" and I got everyone out of there by 8:00pm and waited.
Have you ever noticed how proud a guy gets when he has completed items around the house?It's like he has found a cure for cancer or something. I was walking around like a peacock. I could not wait for Kelli to get home. She was going to be so happy.
She did not let me down, she was very happy.
I am SO in-the-money, even my two youngest daughters were proud of me.
So for a few days anyway,

A funny little story-
Last week I decided to fix the dead grass in my courtyard so I got up very early on Saturday to get to Star Nursery in time to get some of the sod that sells out by 8:00am. I needed about 150 square feet. I purchase the sod and head home to unload it, well after I spread it out I could tell I was a little short so I went back to get 5 more pieces. 
For those of you who frequent Home Depot or Star Nursery you know what it is to dodge the day-laborers who wait out front. You can't even make eye contact or they think you want them. Well I make it through the bodies and head back with my 5 extra pieces of sod. I load up the wheel barrow and push it into my courtyard and I stop. There on his knees with his back to me is the littlest Mexican I have ever seen. He could not be 5' tall and maybe a 100lbs, he is laying the sod in my courtyard. 
My mind is spinning trying to figure out where he came from. I thought maybe he came with the sod, you know, order more than 150 square feet and get a "helper". I thought maybe I went to slow in the Star Nursery parking lot and he jumped on my Tahoe. Maybe he was rolled up in the sod from the sod farm. Whatever the case he was in my yard laying sod. I go over to himto find out where he's from and he speaks no English, so me being fluent in Spanish, (NOT!) I try to converse with him by talking with an accent and putting "O" on the end of every word. I find out that he had been dropped off at a neighbors house and was finished mowing their grass and his ride had not come to pick him up yet so he was helping me lay sod. How cool is that. He laid the sod, I gave him 30 bucks and now I can't get rid of him. It's kind of like feeding a cat, it just hangs around. I came out the other morning at 6:00am and he was in my back yard watering the bushes. 
So I guess I have a little Mexican Elf. I will take advantage of it while it last.


Mady said...

Ha ha the little lawn guy story makes me laugh every time I her it. He is pretty precious and he does a really good job on the lawn.

steve said...

6;30 and she hit that wreck? My uncle and I were 10 cars behind the original wreck at 2:00. Good thing we turned around and went all the way back up through parowan. We would have been there forever!

Kelli said...

YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE MAN, JUST A LITTLE SLOW!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for finally getting it done. It is more beautiful than I could have imagined, and the carved stone is beautiful as well. I love you bunches.

dj kinsley said...

who else is the man?

Kathy's Boys said...

Nice job. My honey do list is more like, Getting the groceries, meet me at the 2:00 p.m. matinee, pick up Crew at his friends house on the way home etc....
I need to get a few pointers from Kelli!! jk
Anyways, it looks great!

Mady said...

Oh my gosh Daddy more people look at your blog than mine and I have more links than you!

Annie said...

Mooch I am going to have Dan read your latest post. You are going to get a lot of husbands in trouble. It is so great to read what you are up to. We should meet you guys in Cedar City next time you come up. I think we passed our 2 year mark for our family reunion. Take care!

Mady said...

I was reading one of your older post and I read the one comment that was on it and somebody said you look older than you are. But I don't think you do you look the right age maybe even younger.


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