Monday, July 28, 2008

I hate Bachin' it

Some, or maybe even most, men enjoy the chance they get when the wife goes out of town and they are left to experience moments of bachelorhood.

I DO NOT!!!!!!
I love being married and I love my wife around. Call me weird or call me a hopeless romantic, but I kind a like her.
This summer I am bachelored out. No wife, no little girls, heck not even any dogs.
Don't get me wrong.
 I love to watch Sports Center without the chance of it finding it's way to the Disney Channel.
I love to only have to stop at one place to grab something to eat.
I love to decide on a whim to go play tennis.
I love to go to bed at night and know that the lights I shut off will stay off.
I love to drink milk right from the jug.
I love to fall asleep knowing that nobody is going to punch me for snoring.
And most of all I love to run around the house in my underwear (there's a visual)
But for all of those things nothing even comes close to that rush I get when I come through the door after work and hear Daddy You're Home!!!!!!!!!
So call me a wuss or a sissy, I don't care, I like being married and it really makes it easy when your wife is your best friend and your kids are so stinkin' cool.
I can't wait for summer to be over or to maybe catch up with my family somewhere.
 But until then I will just be home drinking milk from the jug in my underwear.
I hate Bachin' it


Kelli said...

Ok, just for the record, I have NEVER punched you for snoring, I just gently roll you over (one hundred times a night). As for the drinking out of the jug, you better make sure you finish that jug before I get home, and never let me catch you doing it when I am there - or I WILL punch you for that. Lastly, when I left, you weren't totally baching it, I left Amy and Hershey with you, so what have you done with them? Now I'm worried. You are totally invited to come to the beach, you just have to make up your mind to take a few days off. I ❤ you!!

Mady said...

Daddy you are crazy. We are coming home Friday Ok so I better not walk on you drinking milk in your underwear. ha ha!

steve said...

dude, live it up! go golfing!

Kelli said...

Dude! Be the Man again and do some more honey do's!! Ha Ha

Mady said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kathy's Boys said...

Hey somebody has to stay home and work and pay the bills!! By the way...your check is in the mail!


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