Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One sick "Bug"

For those of you who come to my blog with out visiting Kelli's, you might not know how sick of a little girl we had.

Hayley started having fevers that we could not get rid of and it landed her in the ER.
I believe there is nothing in life harder than watching your children when they are sick, let alone when they are real sick. And Haley was "real" sick. 
She's better now and home, we never found out what was causing the fevers, only the things that it wasn't. We will take that and be happy she's home in her bed.

Well the last time I posted I was home being a bachelor. My family came home and the next night Hayley got sick. Her and Kelli spent four nights in the hospital. We got Hayley home and had a few nights with everyone home and yet the night I am writing this I am home alone, well Amy is here, but she comes and goes like a ghost, so it's like I'm by myself. Kelli took the girls to St. George to see a play. Oh well, I'll be fine, no need to send the compassionate service ladies over. Unless any of them are reading this and if so I really like cheese enchiladas.
So being home by myself, again, I had some time to reflect on a few things while watching the Olympics. You know, those things that make you go huh! Here's my top 10 tonight.
1. Why do the swimmers have to wear those suits? Michael Phelps is setting a world record with every win. Could he not do that in board shorts?
2. I watched a 1/2 hour of synchronized diving (loser). How do they practice that stuff ? They both do a super spinney dive and someone says hey So and So you need to spin just a hair faster next time. What?
3. What's up with the gymnastic scoring? What happened to the perfect "10" thing?
4. I think one of the girl gymnasts from the USA is hot. Is that bad?
5. There is a girl on the Chinese gymnastic team that I think is 7 years old. Is that legal?
6. Beach Volley Ball is an Olympic event? Huh?
7. Since writing number one it was explained to me on TV why the swimmers wear those tiny bathing suits. Less drag. OK? Then why do the lady volley ball players where those little things to play volley ball? Less drag? I'm not complaining though. Go USA!
8. Man there is alot of Chinese people.
9. I'm watching someone from ABC, I think Mary Carillo, go through Beijing trying different foods. I am going in to hurl now.
10. Lastly, I was just watching the men's Basketball and there is a black guy on the Russian team. Not right! Remember the good 'ole days when the boys from the USSR all looked like Draggo off Rocky 4 and we hated them. I think their point guard is from San Diego. I don't get it?
Oh well that's my top 10 things tonight that make you go huh?
See Ya


Mady said...

Awww! Bugger!

Susie said...


Whats up with Haley bug???? Is she Ok??? I love that bug!


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