Sunday, May 4, 2008

Shout out to my Sunday School Cllass

Ok, this is easily my favorite thing each week.  I get the incredible opportunity to teach the 15, 16, 17, 18 year olds at church, and whomever else wants to come into my class.  I am not sure if the Bishopric knows what they have done, and it really tests one's faith in the whole "called by inspiration"  theory, but nevertheless I love it.

I taught them today.......did I say "taught"?  I'm not exactly sure what you call what we do in there, but for the sake of other adults who might read this, I taught them today and we had a great time. 
The lesson was on King Benjamin, that is #15 out of the lesson manual (just in case Bro. Hansen goes to my blog), then the rest of the time we talked about Mothers.  Next week is Mother's Day after all.  You can tell a lot about a young person by the relationship he or she has with their mom. I had a great mom growing up and it is a marvel of human endurance that she is not in a home somewhere staring out the window muttering phrases like: " wait 'til your father gets home" or  "please get your little brother off the roof ".   To show my kids that my mother is still alive, lucid, and that she still loves me, we called her on speaker phone from our Sunday School room.  It went great, she said all the right things, and she does really love me.
I promised a "shout out" to my kids today, but they have to go to my blog and comment. 
So let's do this, and I am doing this by memory so if I miss any names, forgive me and write me back to tell me I missed you.
Here goes-
Dallin, Justin, Jordan, Jacob, Andrew G, Sarah, Jesse, Dane, Christopher, Spencer, Madeline, Karah, Andrew P, Nathan, Vic, Liz, Nicholas, Leah, Melissa, Abigail, Carlee, Jessica, Cailee, Paige, Jared and anyone else who might have stumbled into my classroom.  Oh and if I messed up on any of the spelling I'm sorry.
I love these kids more than they know.  They bring so much joy to my life and keep me grounded in the Gospel.  They have such incredible testimonies, it lifts me up.
So there is my shout out to some very cool kids.
Peace Out!!
p.s.  If any of you kids who read this have my scriptures, I want them back. ( They are sacred )


Tanner & Andrea said...

Hey mooch... So good to hear from you. Thing here have been going pretty fast, only 1 more month till the baby arrives! We can't believe Tyler gets home in 5 months... that is unreal! We would love to see the pics- send them our way.. Keep us updated up with the postings... We love to read your stories. Hope all is going well.

victoria said...

hey we got a shout out!
& i like the picture too.
..and sorry i'm not in sunday school today...ahah

Justin Hales said...

Mooch!! Thanks for the shout out. You put all my other past sunday school teachers to shame and are my hands down favorite one Ever. Keep on keepin on. Happy Mothers day.

Dixon's said...


you are added to the blog. Your post has inspired me. My next post will be like yours. Keep an eye out.


Dallin said...

Hey, did anyone else notice how i was mentioned first. Mooch told me it's because he put it in order of his favorite to least favorite. Sorry jared and paige, looks like he doesn't like you guys very much.


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