Monday, June 9, 2008

Alaska Glacier Day 3

This might be the coolest thing I have ever done.

I was unprepared for the experience. The beauty of the glacier and the color. You can not describe to someone what it looks like and pictures do not even come close to real life, but you couldn't be here so you have to look at my photos.
The glacier is over 1000' tall and these chunks fall off and float in the bay. They are this "blue" color that is the bluest blue ever. 
Now to appreciate the one picture of me in the snow. I begged the guide to let me get out on a floating piece of glacier. It is basically a small iceberg. He said no way, I can't do it. I persisted and there I am. I hopped out of the boat in water that is barely above freezing. They said that if I fell in I would freeze to death before they could save me. I think they were exaggerating
I am the only person who has ever got out of the boat and jumped on a floating chunk of ice. Of course, only me.
Having a blast and we are fishing again this afternoon.
Talk to you soon


Janae' said...

Dude-don't leave us hanging...are you frozen onto an iceberg...I can't wait to see what day 4 brought...



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