Friday, June 13, 2008

Last Day in Alaska

This was actually the funnest day. I had never fished for salmon.

 We got up really early in the morning and drifted across the lake in our little power boat. 
We had been given instructions by our guide the day before and felt we were ready to catch some fish. We were not. 
 We got to the cove that the salmon were supposed to be in and all of the things he had taught us went right out the window. We couldn't see any of the signs that he told us to watch for so, so we drifted around for an hour staring at the surface of the water and holding our fishing poles in the air.
We decided to drive up the stream, not to catch fish, but to take some pictures. It was absolutely beautiful up there.
 As we started up the stream a crazy looking "mountain man" in another boat was at the entrance and said " There are no fish up there, I've checked." "OK" I replied, " we are just going to take some pictures." We head into the mouth of the stream and he shouts " I've been up and down twice, there are no fish up there!" I'm like " Dude, relax, we are just going to take some pictures." I guess I don't understand all the fishing rules. I don't think you can go into a stream if someone else is at the entrance. Kind of like a troll.
So we go up to the top of the stream and it is breathtaking. They say that late in the summer the bears are all along the shore catching fish. We saw no bears.
Well after our photo shoot we start to drift down stream and we think, what the heck we might as well put our hooks in the water, just for fun. So I turn down stream and think to my self, I wonder how far I could cast this thing, so I reach back and huck this thing 60 yards down stream. Way cool! The instant the hook hits the water, BAM! It almost jerks out of my hand.
 If you have never caught a salmon, they go crazy. Zooming side-to-side and jumping out of the water. It was awesome. 
 The guy I was with caught one too and that was our limit for that day so we drifted out into the cove and yes I had to stand up with fish in hand and say to mister grumpy fisherman "We are not from here and not quite sure what you guys call fish, but these were up there." I let it go at that, he had probably killed lots of creatures and I didn't want to end up hanging from his wall.
We ended our trip with one more time out to catch halibut. we caught a couple more and headed back to the lodge to clean up to head home.
I had a blast and highly recommend Alaska to anyone, it was great.
Talk to you from home


steve said...


let's golf!

I want to hear all about the fish.


Mooch said...

I'm in. I need to talk to you anyway and that sounds like a great place to do it


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